Student Testimonials

Over the last 10 years I have taught English to thousands of migrant students who had  come to New Zealand to study English for Academic, Employment and Specific Purposes (e.g. IELTS, Police, Trade, Healthcare etc).

I am proud to see them become successful graduates and realising their goal. I hear back from so many of them even after many years. Here is a sample of their feedback.

Students feedback:

E. Chang, Student from Chin, (Studied English for the NZ workplace)  – I deeply thank for every lesson from you. It was too short time to learn many things, but I learnt a lot about the workplace circumstances and communications, and also gained lots of confidence.

You are surely the one of the best lecturers in Unitec, and your successful life story as an immigrant was inspiring me a lot. I was really impressed with your story that the passion of your life, as well as your endeavor lecturing so many times during the last few weeks.

I hope you continue to give many other migrants and students in NZ to have confidence and inspiration as a great teacher and mentor.

L. Zhang, Student from China, (IELTS Preparation) – I came to Adon for help in improving my English writing skills. As I plan to study in an university, but according to the school policy, I have to acquire an English qualification which is 7 score of each section of IELTS. I have taken this examination several times, but writing section was always my pain, so I wished he can help me on it.

As regards the teaching style of Adon, I have to say, to be honest, that it is unlike the traditional teaching style you see at schools, following a textbook and talking on and on. He will pay more attention to interact with you and try to know your thinking and opinions. In terms of writing, he can provide you the sufficient opportunities to understand the nature of writing essays naturally, and this process is included in your verbal communication with him and his assessment to your essays.

By asking me to write essays, he facilitated me to find my problems in writing directly, which were be the main factors that hinder my progress, and I must say that our problems can be exposed in the practical writing environment only. In addition, he helped me to connect your thinking process with verbal expression and writing together, enabling me to find my own style in writing an great essay.

Adon is so familiar with the writing problems of non-native speakers, especially for the Asian students, so I am glad to recommend him to any of my friends who want to improve his or her English.

T. Chen, Student from Taiwan (NZ High School NCEA student)  – Thanks for you to come to teach me more important parts of English as well. I think I will get better on English.  I hope we will have another opportunity to meet again, maybe next year because I think I still need your help.

I came to you because I want to improve my English then I know you from my sisters. I quite like your teaching style. You will give me a lot of works about English. You didn’t force me to read many English books which I felt very relaxed on your lesson.

Your tuition helped me improve a lot to let me pass the exams and overcome this tough subject. Because you let me to write many essays so I am getting more confidence.

Yes, I will recommend you to my friends to teach them English. Because you are a teacher who teaches English in university. You have your own technique on teaching students who come from other countries.

And of course, I will recommend to my friends if they needed.Thanks again for teaching me English in these three months.

N. Chen, Student from China (Taught Job Interview skills to gain entry into a very competitive radiology course. She got in.)  –  As an Auckland University graduate who has known Mr Adon Kumar for 6 months, I would like to strongly recommend him for the private English lesson based on his great educational background and experience.

Adon Kumar is skilful at English language teaching. I have been his English language student for several months this year (2012) on a private basis. He has helped me lots in English writing, speaking and job interview questions practice. The way of his teaching is attractive and interesting. In my mind, he is the best English teacher and career adviser I have ever met. He has excellent English written and verbal communication skills; he has a wonderful personality with people of all ages and language levels. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching language are truly superior.

M. Sadhra, Student from Punjab, India (Was a Police English student and now a NZ Police Officer) You are a fantastic person and brilliant tutor. You are really passionate about teaching and you make your students feel that they are part of your family.

You also change your study techniques according to capability of your student. In my case you have helped me a lot to gain my English writing skills and I do use the techniques you have taught me. It’s been my pleasure to have you as my teacher. 

P. Le, Student from Vietnam, (Studied Pronunciation via Skype) – I think I have improved a lot in developing my pronunciation. You are a good teacher because you taught me pronunciation skills very enthusiastically.

From the beginning I hardly knew anything about pronunciation. But thanks to my teacher, I learned what the standard English pronunciation is. I think if I have more time later I will continue to learn with you. I hope we keep contacting together. Thank you very much.