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Download now our FREE
GATE-ID Trial Version 1.0.2
(File Size 1 Mb)


Once you download the GATE-ID file, you will see a file on computer. The FREE Trial Version gives you full functions but limits the number of files you can open or save. It also limits the size of your spreadsheet by only allowing a small number of columns.

Open the zip file and click on the Setup.exe file. Gate-ID will then begin the setup process and ask you a number of questions. Read the instructions and keep clicking the Next button until it asks you to Close.

You will then see the GATE-ID Globe Icon on your desktop screen on your computer.

Double click on that GATE-ID icon to start the application or Click the Start icon at the bottom corner of your screen. Then click on All Programs. On the pop up list click on the GATE-ID program.

To get the FULL version of GATE-ID, click on the Help menu in your Free Trial Version and select Register.

If this Free Version does not open the Excel files, your PC may be running on Windows 64 Bit. So please download our FREE GATE-ID for Windows 64 Bit.

See our FAQ Page to learn more about GATE-ID.

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