Coaching Services

Starting your own business is a daunting and risky step. You need the guidance and advise from others who have experience in running a business.

I have held management positions at many major corporates and in smaller companies during my 25 years in the business world in New Zealand. So I can offer you my coaching services to give you the confidence to take up the challenge.

1. Business Coaching

I will sit with you to help you plan for the startup of your company. As your coach and mentor I will meet with you regularly to discuss progress, brainstorm ideas, challenge you on your plans, strategy and tactics.

I can also faciliate your meetings and mediate at staff sessions where needed.

If required, I can write your business and marketing plans for you.

2, Personal Coaching

You may have tried many times to achieve something but found it difficult to get there. Sometimes you feel let down and don’t know what to do next. You lack the motivation to propel yourself to achieving your goals.

As your personal coach I will meet with you regularly to help you identify your dreams and goals. Then we discuss the plans for your personal life and your career and document these.

After this I will meet with you regularly to review your progress and help you make the necessary adjustments to ensure your personal and career goals are met.

3. Career Coaching & CV Writing

I will sit with you to develop your career strategy or plan a completely new career. I will then develop your Target Kiwi CV and Cover Letter and help you identify the right companies and people.

How much does it cost?

My charges are on an agreed hourly rate and you decide when you don’t need me anymore.

So don’t let another day go past or allow another opportunity to be missed.

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