GATE-ID Support Centre

Welcome to GATE-ID Support Centre

Here you will find all the information you need Supportto make the best out of our GATE-ID  RFID Animal Tracking System. Our software is designed to be easy to use but we appreciate that you may need our help and assistance when you are not sure what to do. But before you contact us we’d like you to find some online answers to your queries as listed below:

1. Help Menu – The GATE-ID Software has a Help Menu with instructions on how to use the software. Make sure you check that first.

2. FAQ – We have for you answers to a list of Frequently Asked Questions. This will be updated regularly. So click on our FAQ Page to get your answer.

3. Email Us – If you still cannot resolve your problem, please send us a clear and detailed email to  It will be very helpful if you can copy and paste any error messages you see on your screen, or send us the screen shot of the problem. We will look into the matter and respond to you within 24 hours.

4. Phone or Live Online Support – Our GATE-ID software is designed to be easy to use. The GATE-ID Application is sold to you as a stand-alone user license. There is no support agreement attached to that license. Should you wish to call us for phone or live support via Skype or other video conferencing and remote support tools, we will advice you of the cost you may incur to receive our support. The best thing to do is send us your email with your problem and we will let you know if you will require online or phone support. In such cases we will send you via email a phone number or our Skype ID to call.