GATE-ID Animal EID Tracking

NAIT (National Animal Identification and Tracing) is an animal identification and tracing scheme linking people, property and livestock. From 1st Jul 2012, NAIT became mandatory for cattle and for deer from 1 March 2013.

These animals must now wear a NAIT approved electronic RFID Tag on their ear.  Animal owners are required by law to update the NAIT system about all animals from birth to death, including the movement of these animals from one owner or location to another.

At Goshen we have built our own unique software called the Goshen Animal Tracker EID (GATE-ID) which allows you to scan the RFID tag using a RFID Reader and to then record and display the EID Tag details on your computer.

Our Goshen Animal Tracker EID (Gate-ID) Software allows you simple access to the EID record so you can then add more details, edit existing records or use the data for your farm management purposes.

To meet your NAIT compliance obligations, the Goshen Animal Tracker EID (Gate-ID) also allows you to upload your Animal EID details to the NAIT System with ease.

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