Business Testimonials

Running your own business can be very rewarding but it often comes with many challenges and issues to consider. This is where you need an independent third-party input, someone else you can confide in or to discuss your problems with.

I  have worked as a business mentor and coach and helped many of my clients. This is what they say:

Business Clients feedback:

Jane C – I met Adon Kumar in one of his free seminars in Auckland. I was just starting my business then and felt stuck on the next step. I rung him on his mobile phone, provided him my background and asked for guidance. He was very accommodating and while on the phone, he provided good advice and directions which were appreciated. Since then, I regularly see him for business decision making consultation, planning and assessments.

With his guidance I saved a potential business from bankruptcy. I developed the courage and power to face day to day trials through his inputs. I became bold in facing new challenges and risking new ideas. With the factual, sound inputs and well versed information he usually infused in our meetings I have become more than confident in meeting  my business networks, invite investors while still able to guard my core business and interests . Business mentoring is worth the cost and effort, it pays the price. Without Adon on my side, I might still be wallowing from losses or continually increasing my losses.

Luke P – I recommend the services of Adon Kumar at Goshen Consulting. I have utilized his service for personal and career coaching, which helped me tremendously to achieve my goals. I am still using his service as his knowledge and attention to detail has aided in keeping me on track during challenging times.

I feel confident in highly recommending Adon Kumar of Goshen Consulting. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the extra time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

Andrew T – We assigned Adon Kumar of Goshen Consulting to develop for us an application for our ram selling business. The software was to allow information to be displayed on a big screen at the head of our sheep race when we scanned each individual ram in the race with our electronic tag reader. We were using an Allflex stick reader that had to be connected to a laptop via bluetooth that was connected to a big screen. Adon’s company were very professional in their approach to developing the software and testing it. We did have some difficulties with the application not working at one point however after some trouble shooting we realised that we were trying to run the application on a new 64 bit laptop and the application had only been tested on a 32 bit laptop. However Adon went to great lengths to quickly rewrite the software and test it on a 64 bit computer for us. His communication with us and endeavour to get things right have been impressive. Since then we have had no problems whatsoever and the application is working very well and a number of our clients have been very impressed with the setup we have to display the information. We may change a few things for next year in the way the information is displayed but this has only come about by running the application ourselves this season and getting a lot of input from our clients about it. My understanding is that what we have done is certainly unique as far as Allflex is concerned. They had thought of doing a similar application for their clients but have not done so yet.

So all credit to Adon and his team who perhaps don’t know too much about sheep but have excelled in putting the application together for us and I would have no hesitation recommending their services to anyone else.

Neil D  Adon Kumar is a true leader in every sense of the word and an inspiration for all those who wish to succeed in their professional lives. He has used his vast knowledge and varied skill sets to not only perform at the highest levels of many top businesses, but also assisted many aspiring leaders to achieve professional heights.

While as the President of, one of the world’s top wine businesses, Adon was instrumental in conceptualisation and  implementation of many key strategic initiatives which proved to be game-changers for the company. Thanks to his vision and the team’s dedication, Wine-Searcher succeeded in becoming the world’s biggest and most used search engine for wines. And as Wine-Searcher grew in stature and the world noticed its rapid transformation, Adon, quite deservedly, emerged as one of New Zealand’s most respected business leaders.

Although he has many specialties, Adon’s core strengths lie in social media marketing, assisting start-ups and existing businesses in formulating strategies, dispensing English language skills and public speaking. During his association with Wine-Searcher, he has also acquired a high level of wine knowledge which he successfully uses as a top-notch consultant to various wine entities worldwide.

He is a people’s man with a recognised role in the New Zealand society as a valuable adviser and mentor to many migrants who have benefited from his English language and acculturation programs.    

Job Seeker Feedback

Ayub K – I am wholeheartedly thankful to you for coming to my place and giving such precious tips and help about CV and cover letter.

Vinod K – I am a recent migrant to NZ and was fortunate enough to land a job with IBM in NZ. Like all other migrants, when my visa got approved, I was clueless on the next steps, most important of which was to land a job. The most obvious step was to look for consultants in linkedin and connect with them apart from networking with your own contacts and their contacts in NZ. One of the services that I was fortunate to use was Goshen Consulting. Adon Kumar, who runs this was a saviour in many ways. I had a productive skype session with him with questions that I prepared in advance and he set aside a lot of my concerns with his objective answers and advice. His experience in the IT field and education helped him to understand my background and offer me potent advice. All for a reasonable charge for a one hour session. It helped me make the right moves and plan my job hunt without being pulled in wrong directions. I thank Mr Adon for his honesty and integrity. I would highly recommend him and his services for any prospective migrant to NZ.