China is a massive market for buying and selling your products. At Goshen we have formed partnerships and signed distributor agreements to export a number of products to China. We have selected the best of several New Zealand Health products because NZ has the reputation for its clean, green and trustworthy image.

You can buy the following products from us or we will arrange the shipment of these products to China on your behalf.

Milk Powder Products for infants and adults.

Organic Life NZ – Organic Noni Juice and cosmetic products.

Cedrus Ltd – New Zealand Bee Propolis

Good Health Products New Zealand Natural Health Supplements
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New Zealand Wine exports to China

We also provide these services for Chinese businesses and Chinese students

Hosting Chinese delegations

We can arrange meetings for Chinese delegations who are interested in forming Educational partnerships with New Zealand Universities or Private Education providers.

Chinese Student Placement

For Chinese students wishing to come to New Zealand for further studies, we can assist you in finding the right place for you. We can also help with your immigration and homestay requirements by referring you to the approved service providers.


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